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Welcome to Lionheart Security.

Lionheart offers customized security guard services for any type of business. We have a trained and experienced team of supervisors who have many years of law enforcement and security experience. They will help customize a security plan that best fits your business needs. Do not continue to lose property, clients, and money dealing with the criminal element.

You cannot put a price on security! Contact us soon so we can get started.

Texas DPS License# B05212701

We Offer Peace of Mind...

Highly Trained Security Guards

All of our guards are specifically trained for your business. They will know the laws and be a point of contact for your employees' questions and concerns. They will be ever vigilant to help deter crime and will help better secure your businesses' vulnerabilities. All of our guards are supervised by experienced managers. The guards will know what they can and cannot do. They will know the laws and apply them successfully. Lionheart training goes beyond the basic training required by the state. The guards will always have a professional appearance and will project this professionalism when seen by your clients.

Crime Prevention

Many businesses are plagued with repeated burglaries and thefts. Lionheart will help find the root causes of these issues and develop a plan of action. Businesses lose thousands of dollars due to break-ins, vandalism, and other property crimes. Have someone keep an eye on your businesses' security so that you don't have to.


Security cameras and locks are not enough!! With only cameras and locks you are not safe. Criminals will easily destroy locks and diffuse cameras. With only an alarm system you open yourself up to false alarms and a bill from emergency services. You need a watchful trained human being guarding your assets at all times to truly be safer. With the criminal element steadily growing in America, we as citizens need to constantly rethink our security. Lionheart Security will develop a constantly evolving security plan for your business as crime evolves.  


Don't wait before you are inundated with loss from crime or something terrible happens. Have us secure your business before your business looses its creditability or your losses out weigh your profits. Have our trained guards watch over your goods, patrol your apartment building or control exits and entries to create a safer environment.


Lionheart Security LLC. is an insured and licensed company. We are licensed under the Texas Private Security Board of the Texas Department of Safety (License #B05212701).

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